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1k Party Outfit [FREE*]

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A funky & festive pop diva outfit to celebrate 1,000 members in my Discord server!
This outfit is free for members. Join here!
☆ Includes Curly Party Pony (Hair), Strapless Party Dress, Boa, Tights, Cake Wedges (Shoes), Cupcake Headband, Star Glasses, & Party Beads.
☆ All models are 100% made-from-scratch.
☆ All assets are rigged & weight-painted to Panda's Female Base (Heel). (SFW Edit)

【Curly Party Pony】
☆ 5,363 Tris. 1 Material. 9 Unique, Weighted Bones (+ 4 end-bones to preserve endpoint position). Includes 6, 1k base textures & normal map.

【Cupcake Headband】
☆ 2,054 Tris. 1 Material. Includes 6, 1k base textures.

【Star Glasses】
☆ 1,180 Tris. Shares 1 Material w/ Party Beads.*

【Party Beads】
☆ 3,024 Tris. Shares 1 Material w/ Star Glasses. *Includes 6, 256x256p base texture w/ transparency.

【Strapless Party Dress】
☆ 2,304 Tris. 1 Material. 18 Unique, Weighted Bones (+ 6 end-bones for endpoint preservation & 1 root-bone for easy PhysBones). Includes 6, 1k base textures & normal map.

☆ 10,142 Tris. 1 Material. 6 Unique, Weighted Bones (+ 2 end-bones for endpoint preservation). Includes 6, 1k base textures w/ transparency & 256x256p roughness and metallic maps for the metallic versions.

☆ 2,584 Tris. 1 Material. Includes 6, 1k base textures & roughness map.

【Cake Wedges】
☆ 18,636 Tris. 1 Material. Includes 6, 1k base textures, roughness map, & normal map.


【Tips For Use】
☆ Setting Blend Mode (Blender)
For the "Boa" & "Accessories" materials, I recommend using the "Alpha Hashed" blend mode. Other materials can be kept "Opaque." This can be changed in the "Material Properties" tab in Blender.
Because the blend method is not written to the FBX file at export, Blender will import it with "Alpha Blend" mode as default. This can be easily changed here:

☆ Unity
For shading, I recommend turning off blackface culling for the boa. You'll have to use an appropriate shader that supports this, like Poiyomi.
I've included end-bones and a root-bone to make setup simpler. Just add a PhysBone component to the "Head", "Dress Root", "Boa_L", & "Boa_R" bones. If you need to minimize the number of bones, you can delete the endbones and instead set the endpoint position within Unity.


【Terms of Use】
☆ Do not redistribute or resell this asset or any of its parts on an unfinished avatar, on its own, or in (an) asset bundle(s). This includes textures, as well.
☆ Do not claim as your own.
☆ Credit me if used commercially.
☆ Can be used on free and nitro avatars. Just give credit. ✓
☆ Please understand that I cannot offer refunds on digital goods.
☆ You will need to provide your VRChat or Discord username to purchase this product. If you do not have an account for either, please provide a user or contact most closely tied to your use of this asset.
☆ To purchase this asset as a gift for another user, you must use Gumroad's gifting function & provide the appropriate information for the giftee at checkout.

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No refunds.

I do not offer refunds due to the intangible nature of digital products.

Last updated May 20, 2023

A .rar containing the 1k Party Outfit FBX & all assossiated textures.

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1k Party Outfit [FREE*]

31 ratings
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