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Chained Together Tees

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Matching T-shirts! How cute! Let everyone know you're a packaged deal.

⛓️ 100% Made-From Scratch.
⛓️ Rigged & weight-painted.
⛓️ 8 Pre-made matching textures, including a PSD template to create your own.
-----> PSD has a "Your Image Here" template, with masks & hand-made photo frames to easily customize & decorate your shirt!

A casual t-shirt with an edgy chain belt.
⛓️ Rigged & weight-painted to Blossom's Male Base.
⛓️ 11,952 Tris -- 3 Additional Bones -- 1 Material
-----> Shirt: 1,584 Tris -- No additional bones.
-----> Chains: 10,368 Tris -- Additional bones.

A t-shirt dress, or just a really baggy t-shirt? Who knows?! Fashionably held together with chains.
⛓️ Rigged & weight-painted to Zin Fit Base.
⛓️ 12,556 Tris -- 14 Additional Bones -- 1 Material
-----> Shirt: 2,044 Tris -- No additional bones.
-----> Chains: 10,512 Tris -- Additional bones.

Both versions include 2k albedos, normal maps, roughess maps, emission masks, & a metallic mask that works for both models.
Textures included:
⛓️ "Airplanes"
⛓️ Checkers
⛓️ Colorblock (Kidcore)
⛓️ King & Queen of Hearts
⛓️ Skeleton (Grunge)
⛓️ Smile (Psychedelic)
⛓️ Stripes
⛓️ Your Image Here + PSD

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"Airplanes" texture background images were generated using AI and edited by me, Zioketski.
All other graphics were hand-drawn by me, Zioketski.
Partially textured with Substance Painter.

Terms of Use
⛓️ No redistribution.
-----> Do not redistribute or resell assets or textures, unless on a completed avatar model.
⛓️ Credit me.
-----> Credit me if used commercially. Do not claim as your own.
⛓️ Not for use on free or nitro avatars or packages. ✘
⛓️ Information required.
-----> You must provide your Discord username when purchasing this product. If you do not have a Discord account, please provide a user or contact most closely tied to your use of this asset.
⛓️ Gift appropriately.
-----> To purchase this asset as a gift for another user, you must use Gumroad's gifting function & provide the appropriate information for the giftee at checkout.

See the complete terms below.

Terms of Use
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No refunds.

I do not offer refunds due to the intangible nature of digital products.

Last updated Sep 11, 2023

A ZIP containing the FBX(s), PSD(s), and all assosiated textures.

11,952 - 12,556
1 (each)
Additional Non-end Bones
2 - 13
All Additional Bones
3 - 14
Additional PhysBone Components
1 (each)
Commercial Use


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Chained Together Tees

7 ratings
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