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Curly Hair Collection [FREE]

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This one's for the girls with the curls!

This is a bit of an experimental set -- an attempt at making somewhat low-poly curly hair. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
This collection includes the Faux Undercut. Curly Up-Do, & Princess Piggies hairstyles & accessories.
▷ Models are 100% Made-from-Scratch.
▷ Rigged & weight-painted.
▷ Hair caps & accessories included.
▷ Textures included. Compatible with other vertical hair textures.
▷ Quest Friendly Alternatives included -- There is a card-style PC version and double-sided/tri-sided Quest version of each hair; there are also transparency-free versions of hair textures for use on Quest.

【Faux Undercut】
Curly, mid-length hair styled back on one side. Includes Retro Hair Clips & Golden Heart Choker.
▷ PC -- 8,768 (Set). 4 Materials (Hair, Hair Cap, Hair-clips, & Necklace).
--Hair -- 6,474 Tris.
▷ Quest -- 15,604 Tris (Set). 3 Materials (Hair, Hair-clips, & Necklace).
--Hair -- 13,340 Tris.
▷ Same on PC/Quest:
--▷ Hair Clips -- 296 Tris. Includes 2 base textures.
--▷ Necklace -- 1,122 Tris. No image textures.
--Armature -- 17 Unique, Non-End Bones. (28 Total Bones, w/ included armature & 9 end bones).

【Curly Up-Do】
A curly bun held back with a bandeau headband. With or without bangs. Star earrings included.
PC -- 9,406 Tris (Set w/Head-cap). 4 Materials (Hair, Head Cap, Bandeau Headband, & Earrings).
--▷ Bangs -- 1,214 Tris. 3 Unique, Non-End Bones.
--▷ Main Hair -- 6,772 Tris.
Quest: 25,606 Tris (Set w/ Head-cap). 3 Materials (Hair, Bandeau Headband, & Earrings)
--▷ Bangs -- 3,660 Tris. 3 Unique, Non-End Bones.
--▷ Main Hair -- 20,556 Tris. 10 Unique, Non-End Bones (1 Bun Root).
▷ Same on PC/Quest:
--▷ Bandeau Headband -- 384 Tris. Includes shape key for hair w/out bangs. Includes image textures. 6 base textures included.
--▷ Simple Star Earrings -- 160 Tris. No image textures.
--▷ Armature -- 12 Unique, Non-End Bones. (10 Main Hair Bones (1 root) + 3 Bangs Bones). (23 Total Bones, w/ included armature & 10 end-bones).

【Princess Piggies】
Curly, girly pigtails, accented with fuzzy scrunchies, a shiny "princess" choker, a tiara, and a matching tiara ring.
▷ PC -- 5,920 Tris (Set). 3 Materials (Hair, Hair Cap, & Accessories).
--▷ Hair -- 2,600 Tris. 1 Material.
--Fuzzy Scrunchies -- 600 Tris.
▷ Quest -- 9,090 Tris. 2 Materials (Hair & Accessories).
--▷ Hair -- 5,180 Tris. 1 Material
--Fuzzy Scrunchies -- 1,220 Tris.
▷ Same on PC/Quest:
--Tiara / Tiara Ring (Each) -- 632 Tris.
--Choker -- 580 Tris.
--Accessories Material -- Choker, Tiara / Tiara Ring, & Scrunchies share 1 Material. Includes 5 base textures, roughness map, & metallic map.
--▷ Armature -- 16 Unique, Non-End Bones. (49 Total Bones, w/ included armature & 8 endbones)

【Head Caps】
The same 2 head caps are used on each hair (PC/Quest).
There is one alpha texture used for the PC version. The Quest version is opaque, & utilizes the same material as the Hair.
▷ PC -- 876 Tris. 1 Material.
▷ Quest -- 846 Tris. 1 Material (shares material w/ Hair).
▷ Furry -- There's a furry-friendly (no ear-holes) version of this haircap available to download in my Discord Server.

【Hair Textures】
11 included base textures are interchangeable between hairs.
PC hair textures contain transparencies, while the Quest versions do not.
Normal map included.
You can browse & use more free hair textures in my discord server.

【Tips for Use】
▷ Adding Transparencies (Blender, PC)
--▷ To preview the head cap transparency in Blender, you will have to add the included head cap texture to your material, and attach its alpha node to the alpha node of your "Principled BSDF." Your material should look like this:

You can use the eyedropper tool to match the Head Cap color to the top color of your hair texture.

▷ For both the Hair and Head/Hair Cap materials, I recommend using the "Alpha Hashed" blend mode. This can be changed in the "Material Properties" tab in Blender.
Because the blend method is not written to the FBX file at export, Blender will import it with "Alpha Blend" mode as default. This can be easily changed here:

▷ Limiting/Optimizing Bones
--▷ You can delete end-bones from the armature in Blender before importing to Unity; just be sure to set your Y endpoint position for PhysBones within Unity. If you choose to keep end-bones, then your endpoint position will already be preserved.

▷ Unity Shaders
--▷ The PC versions of these hairs are designed to be used without backface culling. You'll have to use an appropriate shader that supports this, like Poiyomi.

【Terms of Use】
▷ Can be used on free and nitro avatars. Just give credit. ✓
See complete terms below.

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A .rar containing the FBX files and assossiated textures for the Faux Undercut, Curly Up-Do, & Princess Piggies hairs & accessories.

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Curly Hair Collection [FREE]

120 ratings
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