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Dancing Duo Outfits

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To boogie or rave - what do you crave? Get up & get down with these two dance themed ensembles.
The Dancing Duo Outfits can be purchased individually, or bundled for a discounted price.

▷ All assets are rigged & weight-painted to Panda's Female Base (Flat Foot). (SFW Edit)
▷ Each outfit includes a top, pants, and accessories.


▷【Rave Outfit】◁
▷ 13,102 Tris (Complete Outfit). 4 Materials. No unique Bones.

Includes the following texture sets:
▷ Metal
▷ Toxic (Green & White Variants)*
▷ Caution (Yellow & White Variants)*
▷ Valentine
▷ Teddy Bear
▷ Cow
*White variants double as emission masks.

Includes the following pieces:
Rave Shirt
---▷ 1,896 Tris. 1 Material.
Rave Pants
---▷ 7,990 Tris. 1 Material.
Fishnet Sleeves
---▷ 1,700 Tris. 1 Material.
Starry Collar
---▷ 1,516 Tris. 1 Material.


▷【Disco Outfit】◁
▷ 16,482 Tris (Complete Outfit). 4 Materials. 18 unique Bones, including 5 end-bones.
▷Easily customizable in blender. Works with any pattern as its base texture, or with no base texture at all for a solid look.

Includes the following texture sets:
▷ Solid (default, no image texture)
▷ Simple Daisy-Dots
▷ Meteor-Shower Hearts
▷ Flower Power (Purple & Black Variants)
▷ Retro Stripes (Multi-Colored & Pink Variants)
▷ Checkers (Classic, Rainbow, & Pastel Rainbow Variants)

Match patterns across all pieces, or with included matching top textures.

Includes the following pieces:
Disco Halter
---▷ 1,358 Tris. 1 Material.
Disco Pants
---▷ 3,272 Tris. 1 Material.
Disco Sleeves
---▷ 4,320 Tris. 1 Material. 6 unique Bones, including 2 end-bones.
Chain-Hoop Belt
---▷ 5,628 Tris. Shares 1 Material w/ Earrings. 4 unique bones, including 1 end-bone.
Chain-Hoop Earrings
---▷ 1,904 Tris. Shares 1 Material w/ Belt. 8 unique bones, including 2 end-bones.


▷【Tips For Use】◁
▷ Adding Opacity to Rave Pants
You will need to connect the base texture's "Alpha" node to the "Alpha" of the "Principled BSDF," under the shading tab in Blender.

▷ Setting Blend Mode
For both the Rave Pants and Fishnet Sleeves materials, I recommend using the "Alpha Clip" blend mode. For all other materials, use "Opaque." This can be changed in the "Material Properties" tab in Blender.
Because the blend method is not written to the FBX file at export, Blender will import it with "Alpha Blend" mode as default. This can be easily changed here:


▷【Terms of Use】◁
▷ Do not redistribute or resell this asset or any of its parts on an unfinished avatar, on its own, or in (an) asset bundle(s). This includes textures, as well. If you'd like to use the included patterns for other purposes, you can gain commercial rights to them by boosting Zioketski's Galleria .

▷ Do not claim as your own.

▷ Credit me if used commercially.

▷ Not for use on free or nitro avatars. ✘

▷ Please understand that I cannot offer refunds on digital goods.

▷ You will need to provide your VRChat or Discord username to purchase this product. If you do not have an account for either, please provide a user or contact most closely tied to your use of this asset.

▷ To purchase this asset as a gift for another user, you must use Gumroad's gifting function & provide the appropriate information for the giftee at checkout.

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No refunds.

I do not offer refunds due to the intangible nature of digital products.

Last updated May 20, 2023

A .rar containing the FBX and all assossiated textures, maps, & masks.

Rave Outfit Tris
Disco Outfit Tris
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Dancing Duo Outfits

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