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Winter Jammies

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There's nothing like snuggling up in your pajamas on a cold winter morning...
100x "Winter Jammies" are being given away in my Discord server for FREE (first come, first serve)! All gone!

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☕ 100% Made-from-Scratch!
☕ Rigged & weight painted to:
-------☕ ZinPia's GG Base
-------☕ Nyakoh's Chibi Base
-------☕ Rhoda's M_410 Base
-------☕ Eliza's Fuzzy Base V2
There are no additional bones for this asset. This asset utilizes the bones from the armature of each base, respectively.

☕ Jammie Top & Jammie Bottoms are separate materials.
☕ Textures include 2k albedos, normal maps, roughness maps, & emission masks (dino, snowflakes, dreamy clouds, & bats).
☕ 11 albedos included:
Gingham, Teddy Bears, Strawberries, Duckies, Cubic Froggie, Kidcore Dinos, Snowflakes, Dreamy Clouds, Pastel Bats, Bats, & White (a base, to be used w/ a multiply function to create your own textures).

☕ Jammie Top -- 2,472 Tris. 1 Material.
☕ Jammie Bottoms -- 1,960 Tris. 1 Material.

【Terms of Use】

No redistribution.
-----▷ Do not redistribute or resell assets or textures, unless on a completed avatar model.
Credit me.
-----▷ Credit me if used commercially. Do not claim as your own.
Not for use on free or nitro avatars/packages. ✘
Information required.
-----▷ You must provide your Discord username when purchasing this product. If you do not have a Discord account, please provide a user or contact most closely tied to your use of this asset.
Gift appropriately.
-----▷ To purchase this asset as a gift for another user, you must use Gumroad's gifting function & provide the appropriate information for the giftee at checkout. Do NOT gift using server-free codes.

See the complete terms below.

Terms of Use
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No refunds.

I do not offer refunds due to the intangible nature of digital products.

Last updated Dec 13, 2023

A ZIP file containing the "Winter Jammies" 3D model in FBX format & all associated textures.

Additional Bones
ZinPia GG, Nyakoh Chibi, Rhoda M-410, Eliza Fuzzy Base V2
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Winter Jammies

47 ratings
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