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Spaghetti Special [Nitro Exclusive]


Have your hair & eat it, too!
Serving it up, hot & fresh-- the spaghetti special.
A nitro-exclusive asset to express my thanks to my boosters.
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β–· 100% Made-from-Scratch
β–· Rigged & weight-painted!
β–· Includes Scalp as separate mesh for ease of use on heads w/out scalps.
β–· 23K Tris. 1 Material. 1 Texture. 39 Bones, including 16 endbones.
β–· Includes Normal Map & Roughness Map

【Terms of Use】
β–· Do not redistribute or resell assets on an unfinished avatar, on their own, or in (an) asset bundle(s). This includes textures, as well.
β–· Do not claim as your own.
β–· Please, credit me when using my assets commercially.
β–· Not for use on free avatars. ✘
β–· You may use nitro exclusive assets commercially as long as you are boosting Zioketski's Galleria ◁. If you end your boost, you may continue to use nitro assets commercially only on models released during your boost. If you end your boost, you are no longer entitled to any new assets or discounts made available to boosters, nor to continue using nitro-exclusives in your new commercial work.

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

A .rar containing the Spaghetti Special FBX and all assossiated textures & maps.

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Spaghetti Special [Nitro Exclusive]