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TwinHearts Accessories [Customizable!]

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***Materials require Poiyomi Shaders.

♡ 100% Made-from-Scratch
♡ Can also be purchased as a bundle in the Lucy TwinTails Hair & accessory bundle. (There's no need to purchase both.)


This is a Unity package that includes the TwinHearts Accessory model and Heart Accessory (single) model along with many hand-made textures, materials, and masks for easy customization.*

Although this product was designed to be added in Unity, I have also included a .RAR with the textures, maps, masks, and FBX files for a single accessory, or twin-hearts. If you intend to add in Unity, you do not need these files-- only the unity package.

This accessory can be worn as a hair tie, ring, bracelet, or collar. It has both shape keys and bones that will help with adjusting it, as needed. The shape keys re-shape the scrunchy into a ring (or bracelet/collar), and straighten the Hearts on the TwinHearts model, respectively.


Textures included:
------ ♡ Candy Hearts; 6 total textures, separate or combined into a single flipbook texture.*
------ ♡ Crystal Hearts; two variants of pink-blue or yellow-blue gradient, with and without glitter.
------ ♡ Broken Hearts; One texture with the crack, one without, and one "breaking" flipbook texture. Includes masks for the outline and the broken "pieces." One normal map.

Masks included:
------ ♡ scrunchy/band only
------ ♡ outline
------ ♡ left heart & right heart (for double hearts).
These textures work for both meshes.


This package also includes the following materials:***
♡ Breaking
♡ Candy Hearts
♡ Cardiogram**
♡ Crystal Heart
♡ Empty
♡ Golden
♡ Gunmetal
♡ Lava Lamp
♡ Meteor Shower
♡ Mismatched
♡ Outline
♡ Party
♡ Rainbow Crystal
♡ Silver
♡ Still Beating
♡ Throbbing

*Made with consideration for Poiyomi Shaders.

** There are 2 different cardiogram materials; one for each mesh, respectively. If the heart is scaled excessively, you will need to adjust the scrolling emission settings in Poiyomi to achieve the same result as the original.

Video edited by Alibabah#2302

【Terms of Use】
No redistribution.
-----> Do not redistribute or resell assets or textures, unless on a completed avatar model.
Can be used on free and nitro models. Just give credit. ✓
Information required.
-----> You must provide your Discord username when purchasing this product. If you do not have a Discord account, please provide a user or contact most closely tied to your use of this asset.
Gift appropriately.
-----> To purchase this asset as a gift for another user, you must use Gumroad's gifting function & provide the appropriate information for the giftee at checkout.

See complete terms below.

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No refunds.

I do not offer refunds due to the intangible nature of digital products.

Last updated May 20, 2023

TwinHearts Accessories Unity Package & .rar comtaining 2 FBX files and all relevant textures, masks, & maps.

384 (each)
File Format
UnityPackage + RAR > FBX
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TwinHearts Accessories [Customizable!]

6 ratings
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